Future Leaders Network for Quantum Energy Conversion

August 2024, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

The goal of this event is to bring together future leaders in nanoscale energy harvesting from across the globe.

Following the successful organisation of the 2022 workshop at Warwick, and the 2023 workshop at QMUL, 2024 workshop in Liverpool aims to bring together emerging leaders working across key research areas in nanoscale energy harvesting, from thermoelectric materials and devices to quantum thermodynamics and molecular electronics. We will discuss the latest discoveries, exchange new ideas and develop networks to further strengthen the field. We will invite participants with expertise covering theory, synthesis, measurement and device design to deliver talks, participate in round tables and panel discussions. By bringing together a dynamic group of experts from science, industry and policy makers, we will create a valuable platform for disseminating information and ideas that cannot be achieved through the usual communication channels.